My first presentation


My first conference.

Last week, I presented a full paper at my first conference, the technology-enhanced assessment conference @ the university of Tallinn.
Tallinn is a beautiful city, and if you are ever there don’t be as daft as I was but just stay a couple of days longer to enjoy all it has to offer.

There were about 45 people in the auditorium for my presentation.
Luckily I had the opportunity to practice before I left and I came to the conclusion that the only thing you really have to do is relax and talk about your project.
So I relaxed and tried to go for the ‘calm and controlled guy that doesn’t need slides’ approach.
It worked out well, and I received a lot of feedback on the project.

Perhaps the networking part is what it’s all about at these conferences. I had the time to speak to everybody, I just wished I added them to my linked-in for future reference.
You feel like your in a group with kindred spirits, all passionate about their little niche in science. All genuinely inquisitive academics, eager to learn during dinner, lunch and breakfast.
To get more detailed feedback next time, I would formulate specific questions at the end of the presentation to help me further along.

The downside is that going to a conference does take up a lot of your time. So in the future, i will be sure to visit conferences where I can find specific expertise as input for my research.
All in all, it was an interesting, useful and fun experience.
People were very excited about the Viewbrics project, and they can’t wait for it to be practically applicable.

But then again, which teacher doesn’t want to a good method to learn their pupil’s complex skills?



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